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• Certifications
- T.I.F. 329 (Federally Inspected) Establishment, authorized by the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA).
- Plant with HACCP implemented.
- Plant approved by the USDA in order to export to the United States of America.
- Plant authorized by the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture’s OCETIF.
- Plant authorized to export to Guatemala.

• Quality Control
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and the Sanitization Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) are, aside from the certifications mentioned above, the foundations to support food safety of products processed in the plant.

The establishment’s Quality Control System has a series of prerequisites as the basis for the HACCP System: Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitization Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs), Glass and Rigid Plastic Control, Integral Pest Management, Chemicals Control, Pathogenic Risk Reduction, Preventive Maintenance Program, Personnel’s Health Control, and Training Program, among others. All of the above are the foundation for the food safety of products processed in the plant.

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